Welcome to the Somerton United Methodist Church website.

Thank you for finding a few moments to go through our church website. Somerton United Methodist Church is a beacon in our community. Our mission is to share the transforming love of God and connect people to Christ Jesus to
get guidance and direction in life.  We believe every person who believes in
Jesus is a missionary and everyone who does not believe in Jesus is a
mission field. We are not ashamed to share the transforming power of the
gospel. We are a group of people who follow the footsteps of Jesus and we
come together on Sundays to worship God at 10:45 am. We believe in the
power of prayer. Prayer changes all things.
Our worship service is blended. We have a great choir and choir
director. The pastors’ sermons are Bible oriented and are inspiring
messages filled with the power of the Holy Spirit which helps us to grow
spiritually. Once you come to this church you will automatically become a
part of this church family. Our people are loving, caring and
respectful. Sunday services are in person and online. We have a Bible
study class online on Friday’s from 1:00 Pm. to 2:00 pm. We are here to
help and serve you. I invite you to come to the church service and we are
waiting for you and your family to serve you.

God bless you!

Rev. Thomas Daniel, Senior Pastor